Our VISION is to revolutionize Eco Fashion, Fair Trade T-Shirts & Organic Clothing. Often small to midsize companies are creating innovation. So our goal is to establish environmental protection and sustainable business ethics in the textile industry, one of the most harmful production sectors for man and nature. We want organic standards and fair production become the norm standard in this business not the exception. So we present GREEN SHIRTS - Social Organic Eco Wear.  For more information about GREEN SHIRTS click here.

Organic Fashion, Fair Trade Clothing & Eco Wear

Stylish and sexy designs give "Social Eco Wear" a new image. GREEN SHIRTS offers organic t-shirts and clothing for everyone. Women, Men & Kids Shirts, V-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Hoodies and Sweaters. Here you can find your unique Eco Style - printed and unprinted Shirts. GREEN SHIRTS with an extensive range of streetwear. We are one of the leading online stores in the eco fashion world including a pool of exclusive Designer & Partner Editions.

Sustainable Fashion & Fair Streetwear

Sustainability for us means to produce as organically and socio-economically fair as possible. This is a process and not a static goal. May it be resource-conserving production steps of the natural fiber, to shipping, or to simply run this website on a carbon-neutral server. Everything is 100% organic cotton, fair, and sustainably produced. Similarly with the recycling of clothing. We strive towards achieving the so-called "Cradle2Cradle" method where resources always find a new role in the natural production cycle. Since 2012, this "Green" and "Stylish" has come together to form a unit, where fashion-conscious people can create social and ecological value with GREEN SHIRTS.

Printed T-Shirts from exclusive designer

May it be Street Art by Peter Phobia, Comic Designs by Bertram Lust, or imposing animal motifs by Fuxherz. At GREEN SHIRTS there are numerous designers who design exclusively in order to achieve far-reaching and individualistic varieties of style. Our limited editions, with only 100 pieces each are made by designers and artists who come from Vienna, Berlin, Munich or elsewhere in the world. Find more stylish and inspiring graphics from designer such as Wynt, Flö Rastbichler, Duke Nguyen and Schlafwandler in our DESIGN SECTION.


Blank & Printed T-Shirts Onlineshop

At GREEN-SHIRTS you find an abundance of organic clothing from T-shirts, V-Shirts, Wide Cuts, sweatshirts, hoodies, tank tops, fashion shirts, vintage shirts as well as Tunics.

Organic Clothing for Organisations

For corporates, conferences, events as well as NGO's we offer the opportunity to create social and ecological value with that what they wear. Hence we also print and deliver fair t-shirts, clothings and other textiles for affordable bulk prices and discounts upon your requests.