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Eco Clothing is environmental friendly and social

This is the main goal to achieve a fair and social production chain in fashion and clothing’s industry. It starts with the fact that the cotton farmer receives a fair wage. This means that the farmer can feed his family in all producing countries. His children can finance an adequate education and basic goods are not missing. At the same time fair working conditions are guaranteed.

In addition, an environmentally friendly working environment should be available. Therefore no Genetic manipulated seeds (GMO) are used to protect humans, animals and nature.

Instead of polluting pesticides, which can affect humans and the environment, natural pesticides are used.

But not only fair and ecologically clothing is our priority:

The same fair aspect as in Eco Fashion is also guaranteed to the sewing factories, the transportation, the middlemen and the printery. No discrimination, no child labor, no worker’s exploitation and free labour unions allowed.





To ensure these fair and social standards for 

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our eco friendly clothing ist o collect as many different seals and certificates as possible to cover the entire production chain.

Therefore GREEN SHIRTS puts a lot of emphasis on it, to unite the strictest and most trusted and therefore best certificates in order to offer you truly 100% ethical and eco friendly Clothing & T-Shirts.

Here's more information about Fairtrade:

So we can guarantee fair as possible, ecological and low-CO2 Organic Eco T-Shirts. The goal is to offer a 100% real "Green Shirt". The Seal, Carbon Trust, the Environmental Justice Foundation, the Earth Positive label, the Soil Association Foundation and the Fair Wear Foundation, we set!

All certificates at a glance:


Ethical Fashion Revolution

We would like to offer you stylish ethical fashion. Only with the combination of modern designs and styles we can together bring eco clothing tot he mainstream. That eco friendly clothing  become a universal standard, so that the garment industry is forced to produce fair and ecological.

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