Option 2.0 is a young viennese organization. Their ambition is to use the Internet as a platform to inform and include the society about current and future global problems and solutions. They want to bring people and organizations together to challenge the values of society and to support alternative social movements. They make people aware of the problems of our time and connect creative minds, ideas, projects and organizations. They are creating a network of common values to drive social change forward. Their blog provides information on high-value market leadership, responsibility in advertising, sustainability, values in entrepreneurship and a prosperous future.
Option 2.0 is your chance to do something good with the internet!



Soul Bottles is designing cool water bottles made of glass- a better alternative to common bottles, 100% plastic-free and intended to be filled with tap water.

With Soul Bottles tap water should get back the value it deserves- healthy & high quality. The "Soul Bottles" are 100% reusable, hygienic and available in many different stylish designs. Restaurants can sell tap water in Soul Bottles and thus support projects providing more people access to clean drinking water. Georg Tarne and Paul Kupfer wanted to make a significant contribution to sustainability with the use of refillable glass bottles. Soul Bottles is now a successful start-up we wanted to become a part of our partner section.




Olinclusive is a young guy from Vienna, who loves to spin the plates and create digital sounds. Olinclusive is all inclusive. If you want to hear Hip Hop in Vienna, you can't get around this man. His repertoire includes Old to New School - with influences from soul, funk, Smooth Jazz, Hip Hop, R & B, Electronic, G-funk and dubstep.



Since 2013, the Berlin band SOWASVON throws techno, house, dub and experimental electronic music beats in the air. SOWASVON was founded by Thomas Neumann & Annders, but also by Steven Maff, Garo, Hans Babel and Joey FDH. 


Pioneers of change

"For strong pioneers of change"

"Pioneers of Change" is a course of lectures for sustainable projects. This schooling provides a lot of space for their participants and filters out every single individual vision. During the 1-year module, the mostly young participants get the chance to live out their commitment to sustainability and use their business skills to implement their project into action.

The founder of "Green Shirts", has also successfully participated in this course! 



Non Funxion is a DJ collective from Luxembourg, which pays special attention to "beat music".     When they do their thing, the club is bouncing to: "heavy beats, dope beats, smooth beats, swinging beats, trippy beats, intense beats and on and on ...."
In order to revive the beat, they provide a platform for all motivated artists.



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