Our Clothing is spun, woven and sewn at indian manufacturies under highest social and sustainable conditions – guaranteed by the Certificates and the Fair Wear Foundation. 


The T-Shirts & Sweaters of "Green Shirts" are made from 100% organic cotton. Produced in Indian regions where 90% of the total water demand for cotton is provided by the monsoon rain, no artifical soil irrigation needed .

The Earth Positive certificate ensures that no gene-seed, no pesticides and no defoliants are used. The organic cotton is picked by hand which 


Our Clothing is spun, woven and sewn at indian manufacturies under highest social and sustainable conditions – guaranteed by the certificate and the Fair Wear Foundation.

The primary energy source in the production are renewable energies like solar and wind power. The product is carbon neutral, since fossil fuels are almost entirely surrenderd.




The finished raw material is transported by ship to Hamburg in the most direct and environmentally friendly way. Shipping still being the best sustainable way of transportation. Using the Carbon Trust Seal, which measures the CO2 footprint,  we have been able to save 90% carbon dioxide. From Hamburg, the goods are transported to Berlin, where they are handed over to the printery and the embroidery.



Our Printing Partner is located in East Germany. We only use water-based inks, 100% ecological without any toxic ingredients. This is very important to us and our philosophy, to offer environmentally, sustainable and skin friendly merchandise.


The dispatch takes place directly from our printing house in East Germany. "GLS Think Green", or DHL GoGreen  guarantees is 100% CO2 neutral delivery, compensated through CO2 emission allowances. As packaging material we use 100% recycled cardboard. 

Means of payment

In the GLS Bank, we have a strong partner for cashflows and payments in general. The GLS Bank only supports ecological and fair projects and is one of the leading eco-banks in Germany.

Donation system

Everyone who buys stuff at Green Shirts, donates € 1 to an ecological and fair project of their choice via our partner Elefunds. If you please, you can also donate as much as you like. At least 1 Euro of our sale price is withdrawn, if you donate more it will be added to the total price. The choice is yours!


We work together with Strato, because they have their electricity completely converted to carbon-neutral regenerative power. Their entire power is generated by hydroelectricity and also CO2 neutral. The hydroelectric power plants on the High Rhine only produce power when it is needed.

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