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In the following you will find out more about us. The Team. The backbone of Green Shirts. The people making it all happens. Small impressions about our backgrounds, our stories and our reasons why we love to work on this beautiful project called GREEN SHIRTS:
Niklas Astor
Shocked by the true face of clothing production, Niklas decided to undertake something on his own and founded in 2012, just after graduating from high school, still living in a small countryside-village, the label "GREEN SHIRTS". A long time he struggled as a "one-man business"- until 2013, a team gathered around him. His vision: Ecological and social standards in whole clothing industries. Besides he successfully completed the '2013th Pioneers of Change Training Course' about strengthening future's innovations of change. Currently he began to study "Social and Cultural Anthropology" for deepening his social & cultural understanding and widening his horizon.
Joshua von Gabain
Diploma in Economics, 'Business Angel' and working in businesses with attention to "sustainable development" for many years. But not enough. He is also programming and producing music which makes him the versatile all-rounder & somehow the supervisor of the team. The rest of the team would describe him as eager to learn and a workaholic, because he always works on 4 projects simultaneously and rarely taking a break. Whether it be start-ups, secret projects, investment ready programs, or already established enterprises - Josh is everywhere around. We are very happy to have such great experience in our young company project at our side.
Formerly at GREEN SHIRTS – in deep gratitude to their contribution to the greater effect:
We thank every participant in the journey of GREEN SHIRTS!
Apply now, if you want to be part of the GREEN SHIRTS Team directly at: Send your CV and anticipate! We are excited about your great grean ideas!
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