Screen printing

  • Screen printing is the most durable and efficient printing method with up to 10 colors. For quantities of 20 pieces and upwards, this is usually the method of choice to achieve optimal durability and quality for the given price.. Our textiles as well as the eco printing are certified and provide an optimal CO2 balance.

  • Brilliant water-based colors are durable and tear-resistant. Without toxic dyes and a fair production in Germany. That is our promise.


Digital direct printing

  • Digital printing has also become very suitable and popular option for printing on textiles.Due to modern innovative machines and an improvement of colors, digital printing by now achieves almost the same quality as that of screen printing. 

  • We recommed this for graphics that have more than 10 colors, many fine lines and with photo-realistic qualities. Then it performs even better than screen printing. It is also very good option when ordering small quantites, especially if you motif has many colors. 

  • Digital printing is also a very good option if you seek to set up a print-on-demand process (ie. you or your customers order one by one). In this regards we offer fulfillment services, including storage and logistics. Certification ensures a flawless end product from the textiles to the inks. The certified organic inks are water-based. 



  • MORE on when embroidery is good, and what it is can be used for

  • For our embroidery orders, we have been working closely for years with Lebenshilfe, which provides us with embroidery for our online store as well as for our major customers. 

  • This way, impaired people are supported in their work and can make an important contribution to society. Optimal results and reliability are the strengths of our cooperation here, which we are happy to pass on to our customers.



  • All our products can be equipped with sewn-in/sewn-on labels on request. It is also possible to add a hangtag or paper labels/flyer to each textile. 

  • We offer this starting at service from a minimum quantity of 100 pieces. 

  • The label should be provided to us, because we do not produce labels directly in-house. However, we can recommend reliable production partners that we regularly work with ourselves. We are also able to handle and coordinate such a production for a service fee. 

  • We are happy to advise you on this matter when it comes to position, sizing and materials of a label. 

  • For requests, guidance and prices, simply contact us and we will be happy to help you in this regard. 

Yes! Samples are charged per textile as a flat rate (T-Shirts 10€, sweatshirts & hoodies at 25€ and bags at 10€) and are not returnable, as otherwise we would have to store a large number of sample goods with us and would not be able to use them. 

Of course you can keep the samples and convince yourself of the long-lasting quality of our textiles. 

If you subsequently complete the order with us, the costs will be credited by 50%.

A test print is possible from a quantity of around 100 pieces. However, as you always receive a digital proof (preview) before production, it usually does not require a printed sample. If you do want a printed sample, we will of course do it, and 50% of the cost can be credited within the main order. For more information, please send us an email or give us a call.

Shipping takes about 3-5 business days. Express delivery is also an option.


The delivery time is about 7-14 business days after order approval.

The minimum order quantity (MOQ) per motif is 50 pieces for T-Shirts and 30 pieces for Hoodies/Sweatshirts and 100 pcs for Bags.

In case of a collective order of several products, 20 pieces is the minimum order quantity for each print.

The delivery time is usually 1-3 weeks after order confirmation.

If a tight delivery date is requested, we will try our best to meet it and give you an answer within 24h if it is feasible or not. Express shipping is also possible as an additional option.

Yes! Sizes are freely selectable without additional costs.

Yes! The only important thing is that the motif and the printing color always remain the same. In that case different textile colors can be chosen.


Textile colors can have different prices. Basically, white, natural & black colors are cheaper. Mottled (blended) colors are more expensive.

Yes, we offer this service on request and from a quantity of approximately 1000 pieces. This often makes sense for bags, because here the price is also attractive. The production time for this is between 6-18 weeks. For more information, please send us an email or give us a call.

Design service:

Our design studio is at your side with advice and support for the following services.

Here we take over the revision of your motifs, the final artwork and in certain cases also the creation of the print motif.


Label printing:

All of our products can be equipped with a printed label, as almost all of our textiles have a neutral size label in the collar.


Is it possible to sew in a label into or onto the textile/product

On request we can also sew in your own label. We offer this starting at a minimum quantity of 100 pieces. For prices, please contact us.

Note: The label must be provided to us, because we do not produce labels directly in-house. However, we can recommend reliable producers. We are also able to handle and coordinate such a production for a service fee. 


Is it possible to add Hangtag or Labels to each textile?

Would you like to attach labels or hangtags to your textiles? No problem. 

Just contact us for more information.


Is it possible to have the textiles packaged individually?:

We are happy to pack your textiles in individual recycled and biodegradable poly packs. These can also be labelled with a sticker with textile details on request.


You can pay for the samples by advance payment via bank transfer or Paypal after consultation.


We offer any kind of textile printing methods.

  • Screen printing is the most common method here, followed by direct textile printing (DTG).

  • We also offer flex printing, flock printing, sublimation printing and transfer printing

  • We of course also offer different kinds of embroidery refinement solutions.



Our printing methods are ecologically certified and meet the highest standards. Since the company formation our focus has been exclusively on providing more sustainable solutions that strives for higher social and ecological standards in production and all related processes. We work with state-of-the-art, energy-saving machines and use an internal heat recovery cycle. Waste is reused, whether as cleaning cloth or press-on material, no textile is thrown away with us.

Yes, your films will be archived by us after the initial order. Thus, the screen printing films are a one-time investment for you. The screens, on the other hand, are cleaned after printing, decoated and used for new motifs. In addition, you receive a regular customer discount of 3% on your follow-up order.


Usually the textile and printing price remain the same. However, some colors are slightly more expensive.

To achieve a high-quality result and to make the colors shine, an underlay white is pre-printed on dark textiles and a simple underlay on light textiles. This guarantees a long durability and high wash resistance for the print.

In order to assure the optimal printing and embroidery results the following file requirements need to be met. If you are not sure on how to achieve these requirements, or if your print files already meet these requirements, feel free to send us your motif in whatever file format you have. We will then inspect it and let you know if it is suitable or if something is missing:


File formats: .pdf, .eps, .ai, .tiff, .png (with transparent background)

Motif size: Editable file or create 1:1 to the print result. Please specify size additionally when ordering.

Minimum File Resolution: 300 dpi


Minimum width of lines: at least 0.75 mm, for polos & sweatshirts at least 1 mm


In the best case, create and save the graphics as a vector. Because if fonts exist in paths, curves or drawing paths, the print is 100% clean, no matter how much you zoom into the image.

We are happy to advice you with the creation of your print motif. Our experienced graphics staff are happy to help you with the implementation of your ideas and specifications. In this way, we can guarantee that the graphic data will be perfectly usable. For our service we charge 70,00 EUR net per hour.

This is possible with direct textile printing.

For higher quantities, this is also possible with screen printing. 

For this, we need to check the motif and know which textile colours will be printed on. In screen printing, we always calculate by colour and a 4C print (CMYK) then only means 4 colours.

If you are unsure how many colours your motif has, or if it has gradients, we will be happy to do the professional assessment for you. The feasibility of a CMYK print can only be estimated and calculated when the print motif is submitted.

We will determine approximate color values from your artwork (file) that you send us. However, if you and your organisation adheres to exact brand colors, you should specify and name the desired printing colors in HKS K or Pantone C. Here is a link to help you identify the right color code: https://www.pantone-colours.com

Please note that the color representation varies depending on the screen. A reliable reference is therefore only a corresponding color fan, which you can purchase in specialized shops.

If you are unable to specify the exact color, we are happy to guide you through this process to make sure you and your organisation meets its specification.

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How long does it take to ship printed samples?
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Are multiple sizes possible within one order?
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Do dark and light textiles cost the same?
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