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Sustainable promotional products for your company - organic, sustainable, fair

Sustainable promotional products are products that stand out from conventional goods in at least one, preferably several ways. Be it through the use of certified woods, the use of natural and recycled materials instead of plastics, organic farming for agricultural products or fair trade. Promotional products in this category are manufactured in an environmentally friendly way, are made of natural materials or are biodegradable. Promotional gifts with a seal of approval are both healthy and environmentally friendly. Since they are organically grown, no harmful chemicals are used. If you are a company that wants to advertise sustainably and be remembered positively, organic promotional products are the ideal brand ambassadors. FSC, GOTS, organic or Fairtrade certified items are marked accordingly and therefore easily recognizable for both you and your target group.

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Send your non-binding inquiry directly to Green Shirts. High quality distinguishes us. Numerous customers such as the UN, DBBahn, Fair Trade Munich, HFF Munich and numerous TedxTalks speak for themselves. We use organic textiles and high quality printing techniques for your printed sweatshirts.

Strengthen your company. Create a signal effect. Think holistically. Show your appreciation to your customers, colleagues and friends by providing them with the highest organic FairTrade quality and create a unique feeling of solidarity. Green Shirts has recognized that sports, health and environmental protection are the perfect basis for (your) success.

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Accessories & Employee Gifts with Print

Whether it's the classic, well-known and very effective printed cotton bag, the printed organic cotton t-shirts or a gift set with organic products, there are no limits to your creativity when it comes to sustainable eco promotional products. We'll fill out this category for you as we go, so you'll always have the latest eco-conscious promotional products to choose from.
You can get the following other sustainable fair trade promotional gifts printed at GREEN SHIRTS from one source and at low prices:

* Huge selection of colors.
* for women & men as unisex as well as for children
* different product ranges
* different sizes for adults (XS-XXL) and children (S-XL)
* Premium and Basic textiles, products & accessories
* Materials from wood, bamboo & recycling

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Printing & finishing process for promotional products

Which printing processes are available to you at GREEN SHIRTS for your sustainable advertising materials?
Benefit from Saalfrank's own print shop
At GREEN SHIRTS, you can choose from a variety of printing processes to customize and individualize your sustainable promotional products with your advertising message. GREEN SHIRTS offers you a variety of ways to customize your products with many printing methods:
* digital printing
* textile printing screen printing, flex and flock printing
* embroidery
* transfer printing

We are a sustainable fashion label and since more than five years successful in selling plain and printed textiles like t-shirts, polo shirts, sweaters & organic cotton bags.

Have sustainable promotional items printed with your logo

When you use sustainable promotional products with your logo, you ensure optimal visibility in your office, at the next event and in public. To ensure that ecological promotional gifts have a lasting impact on customers and business partners, you should also have these promotional gifts and giveaways produced sustainably. Send us an inquiry today with your company logo, a promotional message or other graphics that we can print and finish sustainable employee gifts with. Whether pad printing, screen printing or full-surface digital printing - with some ecological promotional items with imprint you decide between different printing techniques. Among them are pens, mugs and textiles. About the full-color digital printing, we refine environmentally friendly promotional items such as organic textiles, notebooks, tote bags and other accessories.