The team

All employees and volunteers who work in front of and behind the scenes are presented here. Those who make the development of GREEN SHIRTS possible and carry the vision into the future.

Niklas Astor

Founder & Owner

Shocked by the true face of the clothing industry, Niklas decided to simply take everything into his own hands and founded the label "GREEN SHIRTS" in 2012 after graduating from high school. He struggled for a long time as a "one-man business" until he gathered a team around him in 2013. His vision: an ecological and social way of working in the clothing industry. Along the way, he successfully completed the "Pioneers of Change 2013" course to strengthen pioneers of change. He is currently studying business management at the FH.

Joshua von Gabain

COO & Executive

Dipl. in economics, business angel and has been working in business for years with a focus on sustainable development. But that's not all. This versatile all-round talent also enjoys programming and making music. The other team members would describe him as "inquisitive and hard-working", as he is always working on 4 projects at the same time and rarely rests. Be it start-ups, secret projects, investment ready programs, or in already established companies, Josh is everywhere. And that's not all he contributes to GREEN SHIRTS. We are very happy to have such great experience at our side in our young company.

Ella Hartweger

Sales & Wholesale

After many years of experience at durchblicker, Ella is an integral part of our sales team. Partly grown up in Barcelona with experience in the textile sector, she helps to achieve the best possible result for the customer. Versatile, talented and quick on the uptake, she supports our key accounts in a customized and customer-oriented manner. With her friendly manner, she has made every customer happy so far.

Christopher Ritsch

Sales & Wholesale

Christopher is a real bundle of energy and a true team player. In addition to his communicative nature and positive charisma, he is a real Exel ace. After gaining experience with his own start-ups and management consultancy, he is the first point of contact for major customers at the highest level.

Sabrina Tonar

Finance & Customer Service

Sabrina loves designing & tailoring fashion. She is currently studying economics. She supports us with her very focused and structured way in fashion design as well as in accounting. Her cat is called "Riceball".
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