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Corporate sportswear - organic, sustainable, fair

Whether sports events such as buisness runs, outdoor team building excursions or fitness & health offers for you and your colleagues. Green Shirts offers you high-quality sports and functional clothing for every occasion.
From special running shirts or fashionable YogaWear to practical accessories for a healthy lifestyle. High quality and healthy clothing is a cornerstone of human well-being and success. Therefore, the fairly produced and biologically sustainable textiles of Green Shirts form the optimal basis for strengthening your corporate identity as an advertising medium with a signal effect in the direction of interpersonal appreciation, satisfaction, environmental awareness and health.

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Send your non-binding inquiry directly to Green Shirts. High quality distinguishes us. Numerous customers such as the UN, DBBahn, Fair Trade Munich, HFF Munich and numerous TedxTalks speak for themselves. We use organic textiles and high quality printing techniques for your printed sweatshirts.

Strengthen your company. Create a signal effect. Think holistically. Show your appreciation to your customers, colleagues and friends by providing them with the highest organic FairTrade quality and create a unique feeling of solidarity. Green Shirts has recognized that sports, health and environmental protection are the perfect basis for (your) success.

Printed promotional gifts for your company

Sports Accessories & Employee Gifts with Print

The company Green Shirts stands for first-class quality of 100% organic-sustainable and fairly produced sportswear. Like our textiles, the printing inks we use are also 100% certified organic and free of any harmful chemicals and genetic engineering.
In addition, based on many years of experience in the B2B apparel segment, Green Shirts stands for an optimal service tailored to your individual needs. Our extensive product range covers everything from all-round sportswear to professional functional clothing such as running shirts, yoga wear or fitness clothing, as well as a wide range of sports accessories such as gym bags, caps or sports socks. In addition, Green Shirts has a wide range of workwear specially designed for sports, health and wellness. All our products are just waiting to be customized with your desired name, logo or design. No matter if printing, flocking or labeling. Green Shirts can do everything your heart desires.

* huge selection of colors
* For women & men as unisex as well as for children
* different cuts
* different sizes for adults (XS-XXL) and kids (S-XL)
* Premium and Basic Sweatshirts & Hoodies
* Fabrics made from organic cotton & recycled

Functional clothing for your everyday work - Sporty - Healthy and Active

Fair function & running shirts from Green Shirts

You are active in the sports, health or wellness sector? Your activity therefore embodies 1to1 the principles of Green Shirts sports and functional clothing. Green Shirts stands for 100% organic clothing from fair and sustainable production conditions - free from harmful chemicals and genetic engineering in combination with first-class individual service provided for you. Who does not know this? Doing sports or going about your daily work life in poor and cheap clothing? Then you know about the importance of high quality and reasonable functional clothing as a basis for your well-being and success. Offer this feeling also to your customers and colleagues as a sign of their appreciation and solidarity. Print your name on your sports shirt, your polo shirt or your work clothes in the sense of environment and health.

We are a sustainable fashion label and have been successful for over five years in the sale of unprinted and printed textiles such as T-shirts, polo shirts, sweaters & organic cotton bags.

Yoga , fitness, sports club, walking group, etc.

Long live sport! And long live health! Green Shirts sports and functional clothing printed with your individual name or logo combines these two principles by offering running shirts, yoga wear, sports shirts or sporty accessories with the principles of organic fair produced sustainability. Sweat without the toxic chemicals produced by genetic engineering from our clothes through the skin into our bodies. With the sportswear of Green Shirts you create the conditions for healthy sports for you and your teammates. At the same time you create a great added value by expressing special appreciation and well-being. This strengthens their cohesion in the team and their mutual bond.