The Story of Green Shirts


Once there was a young man who was interested in fashion, and spent a lot of his pocket money in new clothes, until he learned one day, that all nearly all textiles are produced under polluting and inhumane circumstances. He decided to only buy second-hand and organic-fair clothes from now on out.

He didn't want to accept and support sweatshops producing under inhumane and exploitive conditions- putting profit before nature, anymore. So he started searching for alternative ways of production in a sustainable, ecological and humane manner, thus giving birth to the idea of GREEN-SHIRTS.


But that was easier said than done. The fashion market is flooded with anti-social and unsustainable working labels. In these times only few fashion labels offered eco-textiles. But a quick look at their collections however showed their sense for fashion and style wasn't quite on the same level as their environmental awareness.


It was clear to him: the industry has a problem. There are lacking brands that operate in a fair and ecological manner while also being affordable, stylish and fashion conscious.



The goal was from the beginning to establish the greenest clothing label the world ever seen:

  • Fair Working conditions
  • Organic products out of the region
  • support local production
  • Reneweable energy in production
  • Eco fair Bank
  • Climate neutral shipping methods
  • Advertisement material & packaging with recycled products

Here you see the conditions we are fighting:



With nothing but the idea and an old laptop he started in 2011, on the countryside of the Bavarian Germany, creating designs for T-shirts with his friends. With the simplest of means, his travel photographs were used and reworked. Then he searched for T-Shirts with the most reliable certificates and a print shop offering individual production on demand, using ecological colours, and climate-neutral shipping – all for an affordable price.

Ultimately, he found a small but capable print shop in Berlin, which could satisfy all of his wishes. Finally the first organic-cotton Green-Shirt came to life, as well as the first lookbook, which was photographed with the help of his friends in the meadows of the surrounding villages.

A name was found in the beauty of simplicity : "Green T-Shirts".

So "GREEN SHIRTS" was born!


We chose an old lime-tree as our logo. The tree not only represents the cycle of nature, but also the natural symbiosis of our environment, which makes it so preservable. The same natural giving and sharing has become a vital part of "GREEN SHIRTS".

Today 5 team members are working on the development of "GREEN SHIRTS" and spreading eco-fair standards in every sector. We try to maintain moderate prices, while implementing the most ecological and fair standards in the textile industry. For example we just introduced a new shirt out of 60% recycled organic cotton and 40% recycled PET bottles.


Eco-fair transactions have been realized as well as a donation system. This allows you to select a non-profit organization during payment, which then automatically receives a small portion of the price. Our blog keeps you up to date and informs you about innovations and interesting developments within the Eco-Fashion Industry. With every product sold, GREEN SHIRTS comes closer to be a serious alternative in the fashion world. Each new day Green Shirts begins with the dream of reducing exploitation, pollution and environmental degradation, striving to fulfill it together with our customers that share the same social and ecological values.

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